Service Charges

w.e.f. 08/01/2018

Cheque Book Charges:
Savings Bank Deposit: 2 Cheque book per year free then Rs.3 per Cheque
All other Accounts: Rs.3 per Cheque

Cheque Return Charges:
• Inward Return (Cheque /ECS) Cheque/ECS drawn on our account:
Rs.250/- for funds insufficient
Rs.50/- for reason other than funds insufficient
• Outward Return (Cheque /ECS) Cheque /ECS deposited in account:
Rs.125/- for Savings Bank
Rs.250/- for all other type including Loan

Passbook printing Charges:
Savings Bank Passbook: Free of charge

Incidental /Minimum/Custody Balance Charges:
• Incidental Charges: (Half Yearly) Current and FDOD account type: Rs.150/- up to 200 entries or Rs.0.75 per entry whichever is higher.
Cash Credit: Rs.150/- up to 650 entries or Rs.0.75 per entry whichever is higher.
• Term Loan: Rs.100/- (Half yearly)
• Minimum Balance Charges: (Quarterly) Current Account type: Rs.100/- per quarter if balance below Rs.1000/- (Quarterly average)
• Custody Charges: Advances against FD, Government Security and Shares: Rs.100/- (Yearly)

Duplicate Passbook/ Statement Charges:
Savings Bank: Rs.25/-
All other type: Rs.50/-

OBC: (Per Instrument)
Up to Rs.1000: Rs.50/-
1001 to 1 lac: Rs.100/-
Above 1 lac: Rs.150/-

Inward bills for collection: (Per instrument per Rs.1000)
Up to Rs.50000: Rs.2/-
50001 to 1 lac: Rs.2.50
Above 1 lac: Rs.3.00

Pay Order Issuance /Duplicate / Revalidation/ Cancellation: (Per instrument)
Up to Rs.25000: Rs.20/-
25001 to 1 lac: Rs.50/-
Above 1 lac: Rs.100/-
Duplicate / Revalidation/ Cancellation: Rs.20/-
Stop Payment: Rs.25/-

NEFT /RTGS Charges:
• Inward NEFT /RTGS: Free of Charge

Outward NEFT:
Up to Rs.10000: Rs.2.50
10001 to 1 lac: Rs.5/-
Above 1 lac to 2 lac: Rs.15/-
Above 2 lac: Rs.25/-

• Outward RTGS:
2 lac to 5 lac: Rs.25/-
Above 5 lac: Rs.50/-

Demand Draft Issuance /Duplicate / Revalidation/ Cancellation: (Per Instrument)
Up to Rs.25000: Rs.20/-
25001 to 1 lac: Rs.50/-
Above 1 lac: Rs.100/-
Duplicate/ Revalidation/ Cancellation: Rs.100/-
Stop Payment: Rs.25/-

Bank guarantee / LC:
Equal to charges of agency bank.

Inspection Charges: (Monthly / Quarterly / Half yearly / Yearly) (Per inspection)
• Advances accounts: (Except FDOD / Government Security / Approved shares)
Limit up to Rs.5 lac: Rs.100/-
Limit above 5 lac and up to 10 lac: Rs.125/-
Limit above 10 lacs: Rs.150/-
• Term Loan: Rs.100/-

Documentary Bills (Demand/ Usance): (Purchase / Discount / Collection)
Up to Rs.1000: Rs.15/-
Above 1000 up to 5000: Rs.30/-
Above 5000 up to 10000: Rs.50/-
Above 10000 up to 1 lac: Rs.5 per thousand
Above 1 lac: Rs.4.50 per thousand
Purchase discount bill: Charges as above plus interest for intervening period up to due date.

Miscellaneous charges:
Issue of solvency certificate: Free
Photo / Signature Verification: Rs.25/-
Stop Payment instruction: Rs.25/-
Account Closure (Before 1 year): Rs.100/-
Account Closure (After 1 year): Rs.50/-
NACH / ECS Mandate verification: Free
Standing Instruction: Free
Balance Certificate: Free
No due certificate: Free
Insufficient fund for SI: Rs.25/-

Commitment Charges:
Commitment Charges will be levied on non-utilization / underutilization of working capital limit above 5 lacs.
Commitment charges will be debited at the time of renewal. If average utilization is below 60% of limit then difference between 60% of limit and average balance will be charged @1% p.a. as commitment charge.

Processing Charges:

• Personnel Loan up to Rs.2 lac: Rs.500/-

• Other Term Loan:
Up to Rs.5 lac: No charge
Above 5 lac up to 10 lac: Rs.1000/-
Above 10 lac up to 25 lac: 0.10% of loan amount
Above 25 lac up to 1 crore: 0.20% of loan amount
Above 1 crore: 0.30% of loan amount

• Housing Loan:
Up to 25 lac: 0.10% of loan amount
Above 25 lac: 0.20% of loan amount

• Vehicle Loan:
Two wheelers: Rs.500/-
Four wheelers: 0.10% of loan amount
Used Vehicle: 0.15% of loan amount

• Micro Finance Loan:
Any loan amount: 1% of loan amount

• Ad-hoc Limit:
Any Limit: 1% of ad-hoc limit sanctioned

• Working Capital (Fund and Non fund based):
Up to Rs.5 lac: No charge
Above 5 lac up to 10 lac: Rs.1000/-
Above 10 lac up to 25 lac: 0.10% of loan amount
Above 25 lac up to 1 crore: 0.15% of loan amount
Above 1 crore: 0.20% of loan amount

Renewal: 50% of above processing charge will be levied while renewal.

Card Issuance: Free
Duplicate Card: Rs.200/- per card
Surrender Card: Rs.100/- per card
Transaction decline due to fund: Rs.20/- (per declined transaction)
Yearly Renewal: Rs.100/-
Duplicate PIN: Rs.50/- per card
• Transaction Charges: After first 3 transaction and 5 transactions in metro & non metro cities respectively in a month:
Financial Transaction: Rs.15/- (Per transaction)
Non-Financial Transaction: Rs.6/- (per transaction)

IMPS Transaction Charges :
Inward IMPS: Free of charge
Outward IMPS (Maximum up to 50000): Rs.5/- per transaction

All above charges are exclusive of taxes applicable from time to time.