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  • Introduction:
  • Solar energy is free and endless source of Energy. In order o make available easy finance at affordable rate to individual woman,/ Institution in which woman is main participate a scheme in the name of “UMUCB Roof Top Solar Plant Loan Scheme” has been launched. This scheme is available for both on or off grid connected SPV power plant.
    (On grid connected SPV power plant means where net metering facility is available.)

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  • Purpose:

Loan for installation of Solar Photovoltaic System (SPV) in house and Institutions for:-

a) Grid connected SPV power plant
b) Off Grid connected Power plant.
  • Eligibility:
  • Residential:

Individual having own residential house.

  • Institutional:

School, Health Institutions including Medical Collages & Hospitals, Educational Institutions etc.

The applicant should be residing in Bank area of operation. The property on which the solar plant is proposed to be installed should be in the name of applicant. However, in case the property stands in the name of spouse/ parents/children may also be considered provided the owner of the property has no objection and has given written consent for establishing the SVP power Plant.

  • Quantum of Advance:

80% of the cost of project or Rs. 10.00 Lac maximum.

  • Income Criteria: Salaried Employees:

48 times of monthly income or 4 times of yearly income. Income verify from three year ITR.

  • Institutions:

Four times of Cash-accruals (i.e. PAT+ Depreciation) as per their Audited Balance Sheet/ P&L Account (Average of Last 2/3 years) Income verify from three years ITR.

  • Margin:

20% of the cost of plant.

  • Security:

Upto loan of Rs. 300000/- , Hypothecation of plant created out of finance.

Above Rs. 300000/- equitable Mortgage of the property along with Hypothecation of Plant Or any cash securities

  • Interest rate:

As per Board decision from time to time.

  • Repayment Period:

60 monthly Instalments including 3 month moratorium period.

  • Guarantee :

Upto Rs. 300000/- two personal guarantee of two person having adequate net worth will be insisted upon.

Above Rs. 300000/- Only one third party guarantee require.